5 Trends of 2020

Matera loves staying with the new and fresh,

so that we can help you get to know and understand the new trends and how to insure your home stays updated and never dull & outdated.

The year 2020 returns to people wanting to feel special and that they appreciate the detailed and beautiful work of craftsmanship and unique manufacturings. This is visible in natural materials like:

Rattan | Plywood | Jute | Sisal | Hemp | Terracotta.

Traditional craftsmanship is still very appreciated and it returns in a beautiful modern and clean style. Therefore, strive for a one-of-a-kind design, with natural material together with natural lighting and clean and open spaces. 

Marble will probably be there forever.

It goes so well with old and new styles in spaces small and large.

This material is so striking, yet brings sophistication and glamour. Its delivers endless possibilities with massive variety of colour and pattern choices.

What 2020 brings to the table with the marble trends is that you are now free to add marble to any element, small ornaments here and there but even something as prominent like the whole table or a feature wall in the bathroom, living or kitchen.

2020 will most definitely bring forth more green thumbs, and rightly so, cause these vertical garden trend is to “grow” for.

People these days are so stressed and overworked. Luckily there’s a solution! We spend most of our time indoors, yet there’s a beautifully created nature outside. Therefore, it is time we bring that already amazing design, inside. 

These vertical gardens bring productivity, creativity, relaxation & tranquility to the space.

Wooden textures and mirrors can also be used for a visual contrast and will add so much more depth to your modern design.

Be creative, use vertical gardens in your living room, dining room or even your bathroom.

Black – the new neutral.

Adding black to a space brings both strength and a dramatic characteristic with it, that is undeniably attractive for a contemporary look.
Black fits anywhere, from cabinets, sinks, paint & countertops, it will never disappoint.

If you are a bit scared that the room might appear too dark, you can always contrast it with white. There’s not couple like black & white. 

Smooth like velvet.

Green velvet is super trendy at the moment. Even though the famous emerald green was mostly trending in 2019, we can tell you that it is not over, cause 2020 can’t get enough of velvet.

Velvet became popular in the 12th century and velvet furniture was usually owned by wealthy Europeans, but now anyone can be stylish with green velvet ottomans, curtains, furniture, pillows, rugs, armchairs and so much more.

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