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Wium, is one of Matera’s interior designers. He is still young and learns a lot everyday, yet we can all learn from one another. Therefore, we had an interview with him and asked him a few head-scratching questions to see what’s going on in the mind of this creative.

Wium Matfield-3

Question 1: What do you enjoy right now, in the light of design?

Answer:  Right now, I really enjoy the brainstorming aspect of designs. I believe that the creative part of the brain should never stop working and to insure that the creative juices are always over flowing, I like to keep myself busy with sketching, musical instruments, problem solving and scouting for new and fresh ideas.

Question 2: Where do you see yourself in the future?

Answer: I am usually not one to plan too much into the future, cause I will then forget to focus on where I am at the moment, but I won’t change anything too drastically, if it were to depend on me. I really enjoy what I am doing at the moment, I enjoy design, the people, meeting their needs and I enjoy being creative in all aspects, the future is not a factor when contentment is being friended by joy.

Question 3: What are you busy learning now, when it comes to design?

Answer: Currently I don’t think I am where I want to be in understanding the practical aspect of design, materials and joining methods, so I am busy making myself wise in these areas at the moment and I am really enjoying it!

Question 4: What is your favourite style, colour and existing designed interior space and why?

Answer: My absolute favourite interior design style has to be industrial style. I love the rustic and dark template in contrast with a clean, beautiful lit and contemporary layout that the style brings to a space. I see every time I need to choose between photos, I always go with industrial.

My favourite colour is blue, no matter if it is connected to interior design, fashion, my favourite mug or notebook, blue gives me such a calm and sophisticated, yet confident and strong feeling, and I love the combination.

My all time favourite interior space is none other than the Bosjes Chapel in South Africa. This space welcomes religious architecture that makes sure of a beautiful interior space. I love how the materials come together and collide, how the natural light and view is all set on God’s beautiful design.

Such a beautiful industrial styled home

Bosjes Chapel, South Africa

It’s amazing how the materials collide

Question 5: Why Interior Design and why Matera?​

Answer: Not wanting to do the same thing that everybody around me are so happy to do, made me happy. Interior design is also not something everybody wants to do, so why not me? 

I love the creative and outside-the-box side of art and design, but also some stability and function of architecture on the other side. Interior design is the perfect fit and the best of both sides. I enjoy transforming the empty or out-dated space into something more practical and functional. I enjoy seeing a space transform into something almost artistic to look at and that will take some time to soak up. Every design takes a bit of yourself with it, and it is fun giving my all for a design in order for a space to reach it’s potential.

Matera has been given to me so gracefully, and I thank Jesus for that. I experience so much joy, growth & contentment working with the Matera team. Matera brings something special to the table when it comes to working with people, design ideas, designing and implementing the design, and I am so excited to be part of it.

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