Matera truly wishes everybody well during the lockdown period. It might get a bit tiring to stare into the same space for this time, but we have good news. You now have the time and resources to clear the clutteredness and get the most out of your home. This is, maximising your space.

Staying indoors and working from home is not only something we have to get used to, it is something our homes also need to get used to. There is no better way to insure comfort, productivity and happiness like repurposing your interior spaces. 

Make sure to convert an allocated space into a home office so that you can compartmentalise your home, thoughts and actions. You can either use one piece of furniture and place it in corner or space that you use only for work.

If you are one of the lucky ones and don’t have to work at this time, we are sure you would still like to be productive. Therefore convert a space into a reading corner and make sure you motivate yourself while still rewarding yourself with comfort. Read more about it Here.

We have some design tips for you to follow and to transform your house into a new multifunctional space.

Your entry way is the first space you encounter and might have an effect on your mood and feel when entering. The space closest the entry way is the space you will also use to put your things down when entering the house. It will very quickly turn into a treasure hunt when you are looking for something.

Consider hooks and hidden containers or spaces to store these treasures. You can add a furniture piece in your entry way with drawers or baskets so that you can use the drawers to compartmentalise your items so that you can easily stoor and find them. Make sure you choose a furniture piece that is not too heavy and not too big. You don’t want to make the space look cramped and enclosed. Keep it clean, simple and functional, that is what design is all about!

As a family you might enter the house from the backdoor or kitchen door (especially in South Africa), but that still has an effect on how you greet your house everyday.

Matera is offering three products for sale to help you create an organised and modern space. Please feel free to contact us to get yourself one of these products.

get the MOST out of your HOME

Product One

This product includes horizontal wood pieces with hooks on. This is ideal for the entryways to your house or even your room to ‘hook’ and display everything as you enter. It is stylish and sophisticated, yet very practical.

R 560.00

Product Two

Product two is all about being practical. Imagine a clear and neat space to come home to… with compartmentalised items and a beautiful and modern container to blend into your modern space. This can be attached to your wall or even the side of your kitchen cabinet as you enter your home. There’s a variety of varnish finishes to choose from. What are you waiting for?

R 730.00

Product Three

If you want to compliment your home with an uncomplicated and clean product that will help you get the most out of an uncluttered home, this product is for you. Available in a variety of varnish finishes to choose from.

R 395.00

The kitchen is the space that is always occupied. It has to be functional, welcoming, modern, and be enjoyable to cook meals, make snacks and prepared to entertain guests.

Make your kitchen functional by compartmentalising your drawers and cabinets. This will clear the clutter, ease your way finding experience and protect your items.

We all long for a modern look and feel when it comes to our homes, in the kitchen an easy way to achieve this, is by adding open wooden shelves and storing the food in creative, yet modern containers.

A big problem in a kitchen can be the amount of rubbish piling up on every counter-top and every corner. I know this is really hard, but try and clear the clutter in your kitchen, it will immediately make the space feel larger and more modern. 


It is a guarantee that the public spaces in your house will host all the things you need and use, but that can make the house look unkempt and cluttered. These things may include blankets to keep you cozy, books to read, magazines, movies, and your music to keep you entertained. If you have kids, there might be the necessity of having toys or even board games. 

A quick and easy way to correct this is by using either hidden spaces, ottomans, built in shelves or modern shelve pieces. With hidden spaces within the couches or furniture pieces like an ottoman, you can quickly use the items and then hide them when guests come over. Building custom pieces can give you a unique space to hide your specific times in a movable drawer under the couch, tv cabinet or coffee table. By using modern open shelves, make sure you arrange it neatly, and that you keep only the essentials. Add modern ornaments like glass objects, a lot of greenery, wooden or copper containers. Keep the space clean and not cluttered, try and hide disorientated looking items and display a few items. Overall it is up to you to play around with it.


When it comes to spaces with a lot of clutter to it, it is always the garage, the bathroom and your room (or more specifically your closet).

The only antidote for clutteredness, is going back to the essentials. Ask yourself what you need in this specific space. Then take these items, display them in a neat and clean way. The things that you still need but don’t need everyday, can be stored under or inside a gap or opportunity already created for you by the space, like a corner, waisted space, vertical space, or a built in cabinet or shelf. The rest you need to throw away and at least try and go for a minimalistic style.

We usually have this idea that our garage is not for cars, but for all the rubbish we don’t really need, that our bathrooms don’t need to be neat or have a unique style, and that our closets are for our own eyes and our shoes can be the next Mount Everest. All of this this has an effect on your mood and how you perceive your space and daily life. The opportunity is now, transform your own house into a home.

thank you,

for giving this a read. We hope this has enriched your knowledge and that you will be able to get the most out of your home during the lockdown.

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