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With different backgrounds and diverse stories, two things that bind Matēra together are a love for design and a love for people. We are a team of individuals, each bringing a unique take to the design process. We love seeing ideas exceeded, a heart filled and transformed by creative work, & detailed designs.

Matēra is a city on a rocky outcrop in southern Italy and includes a complex of cave dwellings and rocky churches dating back to the 13th century. The names rings true for us, since we believe building on a steady rock is the key to a sustainable and hopeful future, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. 

Let us help transform your ideas into a breathtaking reality.
Matēra – It’s the inside that counts.


I grew up appreciating functionality together with visual appeal. I developed a love for art and architecture, and decided to study Interior Design which is an interesting balance between the two. I obtained a bachelors degree in design, specialising in Interior Design through Inscape Education Group. Now I am a graphic designer. I love building relationships everywhere I go & I always focus on the journey I can take with someone. Design is just a medium in order to connect with people. I am a very detailed designer & I enjoy meeting a client’s needs, taste and personality. 

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